Memoirs of the Prophet (S.A.W)

by Saifur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri

Missions and Platoons

After the Conquest

Upon returning from this long successful travel, the Messenger of Allâh [pbuh] stayed in Madinah where he received delegates and dispatched agents and appointed preachers and callers to Islam everywhere. Those whose hearts were still full of prejudice against Islam and therefore were too proud to embrace Allâh’s religion, were decisively muffled on their non-acquiescence in the status quo prevalent then in Arabia.

Here is a mini-image about the believed ones. We have already stated that the Messenger’s arrival in Madinah was by the last days of the eighth year of Al-Hijra. No sooner the crescent of Muharram of the ninth year turned up than the Messenger of Allâh [pbuh] dispatched the believed ones, to the tribes as shown in the list below:

  1. ‘Uyaina bin Hisn                      to Bani Tamim.
  2. Yazeed bin Husain                  to Aslam and Ghifar.
  3. ‘Abbad bin Bishr Al-Ashhali     to Sulaim and Muzainah.
  4. Rafi‘ bin Mukaith                      to Juhainah.
  5. ‘Amr bin Al-‘As                         to Bani Fazarah.
  6. Ad-Dahhak bin Sufyan            to Bani Kilab.
  7. Basheer bin Sufyan                 to Bani Ka‘b.
  8. Ibn Al-Lutabiyah Al-Azdi          to Bani Dhubyan.
  9. Al-Muhajir bin Abi Omaiyah     to Sana‘a’ (Al-Aswad Al-‘Ansi called at him when he was in it).       
  10. Ziyad bin Labid                        to Hadramout.
  11. ‘Adi bin Hatim                          to Tai’ and Bani Asad.
  12. Malik bin Nuwairah                  to Bani Hanzalah.
  13. Az-Zabraqan bin Badr             to Bani Sa‘d (a portion of them).
  14. Qais bin ‘Asim                         to Bani Sa‘d (a portion of them).
  15. Al-‘Alâ’ bin Al-Hadrami            to Al-Bahrain.
  16. ‘Ali bin Abi Talib                       to Najran (to collect Sadaqa & Jizya).

Some of these agents were despatched in Muharram, 7 A.H., others were sent later until the tribes they were heading for had completely converted into Islam. Such a move clearly demonstrates the great success that the Islamic Da‘wah (Call) enjoyed after Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty. However, shortly after the conquest of Makkah, people began to embrace Islam in large hosts.