Memoirs of the Prophet (S.A.W)

by Saifur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri
Location and nature of Arab Tribes
Rulership and Princeship among the Arabs
Religions of the Arabs
Aspects of Pre-Islamic Arabian Society
The Lineage and Family of Muhammad [pbuh]
Muhammad’s Birth and Forty Years prior to Prophethood
In the Shade of the Message and Prophethood

Phases and Stages of the Call The Muhammadan Call could be divided into two phases...

The First Stage : Strife in the Way of the Call
The Second Phase: Open Preaching
General Social Boycott

The Final Phase of the Diplomacy of Negotiation The Messenger of Allâh [pbuh] left his confinement and went on preaching his Faith as...

The Year of Grief
The Third Phase: Calling unto Islam beyond Makkah

Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi‘raj The last days of the Makkan phase of the Prophet’s life are noted...

The First ‘Aqabah Pledge

The Second ‘Aqabah Pledge The next year, thirteenth of Prophethood, June 622 A.D., during...

The Battle of Badr - The First Decisive Battle in the History of Islam
The Military Activities between Badr and Uhud
The Battle of Uhud
Military Platoons and Missions between the Battle of Uhud and the Battle of the Confederates
Military Activities continued
Bani Al-Mustaliq (Muraisi‘) Ghazwah, Sha‘ban 6 Hijri
Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty
The Prophet’s Plans to spread the Message of Islam beyond Arabia
The Conquest of Khaibar
The Battle of Mu’tah
The Conquest of Makkah
Hunain Ghazwah
Missions and Platoons
The Invasion of Tabuk
The Journey to Allâh, the Sublime
The Prophet [pbuh], Attributes and Manners