Ways of The Prophet (S.A.W)

by Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Hai Arifi

Manner of silence

Four things were the underlay of his silence: (1) forbearance (2) insight (3) consideration and (4) meditation. He was considerate in this respect that he took note of everyone in the gathering and listened to them with equal attention. His mediation was confined to the eternal and the mortal i.e. the perishability of this world and the everlastingness of the next. He had combined forbearance with patience i.e. self control. It was why nothing could enrage him to the extent of losing balance. His insight embraced the following four things: (1) Adopting good things, so that others should follow him: (2) abstaining from evil things so that others should also do so: (3) deliberating on such matters as would be beneficial to his Ummah and (4) directing his efforts to such matters as would make the Ummah prosper in this world and also in the hereafter. [Nashrut-Tib]