Ways of The Prophet (S.A.W)

by Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Hai Arifi

Fear of ALLAAH

Abdullah Ibn Shikhkhir narrated that the Prophet was always pensive and was never at ease (This condition was due to his concern for the Hearafter). He used to beg forgiveness of ALLAAH seventy or hundred times. It appears that this was either intended to serve as an example for the ‘Ummah to follow, or to beseech forgiveness for the Ummah itself. Another reason might have been that all the time he was deep in the ocean of divine knowledge and proximity and continued to attain higher and higher degrees as divine lights are in a state of regular renewal to suit the capacity of the seeker. But since his capability was ever increasing, the divine lights were also limitless. Hence when he found the succeeding state higher than the previous one, he ascribed the latter to (his) shortcoming (warranting Istighfar - forgiveness). [Nashrut–Tib]